Session Times


Wed 21 Apr 2.00pm
Thu 22 Apr 2.00pm
Wed 28 Apr 8.15pm Wed Night Special FINAL

Girls Can't Surf

Tue 20 Apr 8.15pm
Sun 25 Apr 11.45am
Tue 27 Apr 3.45pm
Wed 28 Apr 6.00pm

Six Minutes To Midnight

Thu 22 Apr 6.00pm NEW
Fri 23 Apr 4.00pm, 8.15pm
Sat 24 Apr 2.00pm, 6.15pm
Sun 25 Apr 4.00pm
Mon 26 Apr 6.15pm
Tue 27 Apr 1.45pm
Wed 28 Apr 12.00pm, 4.00pm

The Courier

Tue 20 Apr 1.45pm,6.00pm
Wed 21 Apr 4.00pm
Thu 22 Apr 8.00pm
Fri 23 Apr 6.00pm
Sat 24 Apr 4.00pm
Sun 25 Apr 8.00pm
Mon 26 Apr 2.00pm
Tue 27 Apr 6.00pm

The Father

Tue 20 Apr 4.00pm
Wed 21 Apr 6.15pm
Thu 22 Apr 4.00pm
Fri 23 Apr 2.00pm
Sat 24 Apr 12.00pm, 8.15pm
Sun 25 Apr 2.00pm, 6.00pm
Mon 26 Apr 4.15pm
Tue 27 Apr 8.15pm
Wed 28 Apr 2.00pm

The Pinkies Are Back

Wed 21 Apr 8.15pm Wed Night Special FINAL