Session Times

CIF: The Goddess of Fortune

Thu 29 Jul 6.00pm SOLD OUT

CIF: Magari

Fri 30 Jul 8.15pm

CIF: Marriage Italian Style

Sat 31 Jul 3.50pm SOLD OUT

CIF: 7 Hours To Win Your Heart

Sun 1 Aug 3.20pm

CIF: Pinocchio

Mon 2 Aug 6.00pm

CIF: Pavarotti

Tue 3 Aug 6.00pm

CIF : I Hate Summer

Wed 4 Aug 6.00pm

CIF: I Am Love

Thu 5 Aug 6.00pm SOLD OUT

Dating Amber

Mon 26 Jul 1.45pm Tue 27 Jul 4.00pm Thu 29 Jul 4.00pm Sun 1 Aug 5.20pm Tue 3 Aug 1.50pm

Dream Horse

Wed 28 Jul 8.20pm WED Night Special Sat 31 Jul11.15am Wed 4 Aug 3.45pm


Tue 27 Jul 8.10pm Wed 28 Jul 3.40pm Thu 29 Jul 1.45pm Sat 31 Jul 8.20pm Sun 1 Aug 1.00pm Mon 2 Aug 3.45pm Wed 4 Aug8.15pm WED Night Special


Fri 30 Jul 1.40pm FINAL

The Match

Wed 28 Jul 6.00pm Fri 30 Jul 3.40pm Sat 31 Jul 6.00pm Sun 1 Aug 10.40am Tue 3 Aug 8.15pm

Waiting For Anya

Tue 27 Jul 6.00pm Wed 28 Jul 1.30pm Thu 29 Jul 11.30am Fri 30 Jul 6.00pm Sat 31 Jul 1.30pm Sun 1 Aug 7.15pm Mon 2 Aug 1.30pm Tue 3 Aug 3.45pm Wed 4 Aug 1.30pm